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Art programs with heart

Grades 3 - 8
pre-K through 2

About 14 years ago, Dan Buettner, a writer and National Geographic explorer, set out on a quest to find out why folks who live in five distinct pockets of the world have the highest life expectancy.  He dubbed these areas of the globe "Blue Zones," and as might be expected, healthy eating with lots of plant-based meals and exercise, particularly natural movement came into play.  Another of the common characteristics of these Blue Zone areas was more psychological, however. People living in these communities followed the Japanese practice of "moai" (meeting for a common purpose).

Today there are over 40 Blue Zone communities in the U.S.  Regular social support is seen as the tent pole of a long life.  Having regularly scheduled social gatherings gives people a sense of trust and security, which is good for well being.  Some of these social clubs barter services, swap healthy and delicious recipes, start walking groups and offer their various talents for the benefit of the community, especially for children and the elderly, or those who may have disabilities.


For friends who may be interested in being part of a Blue Zone group, I am organizing a first meet up as a social gathering on July 5, 2018, in the private space over Twisted Vine Wine & Tap.  Good food, drink, and music would be the essence of the gathering.  The registration fee will be $15 per person, covering room rental and live music (acoustic so that everyone can talk and share ideas!)  You will be able to separately order your choice of food and beverages, at additional cost.

To participate in the gathering, please provide your name(s) and email address as well as your $15 registration fee via the PayPal link below.  I hope you can join us!

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